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While Olathe, KS, has no shortage of bars and restaurants, most of them are places you've been to time and again. Whether you're looking for a place to sit down or just pick up a piece on the way home, there's nothing wrong with some of the best restaurants around Olathe KS. From sharing a piece of cake with your favorite people to ordering a new dish, even if you're on the road to visit the Indian Creek Library and just want to enjoy a buffet lunch or meal that will exceed your expectations, visit one of these places that pop up all over town.

Order one of the sushi boats before you head here, or head to the other side of town for a quick lunch or dinner at some of Olathes "best sushi restaurants.

The first half of the museum is dedicated to deaf culture, the second half to the history of the Kansas School for the Deaf. Cedar Lake Falls is located in the heart of Olathes City, just blocks from the Kansas State University campus. The water flow is year-round, but in spring after heavy rains the Cedar Creek Falls are the most impressive. When you're fishing, behave like a fish and swim in CedarLake Falls, the largest waterfalls in Kansas City, Kansas.

On the other side of Olathe, Mill Creek Streamway Park has a hiking trail that leads to the Kansas River. The 113-hectare park houses an amphitheater and other exhibits, including live amphibians, turtles and snakes. We have some great restaurants in the area, as well as some great local shops and restaurants.

The Indian Creek hiking and biking trail is nearly 17 miles long and one of the longest in Kansas State. The cycle path is generally flat, flat and often beautiful, as it follows the Indian Creek through various parks.

Even the best restaurants in Olathe, KS, do not have the same vibrant energy that Westport Ale House exudes. It's not the kind of place to rush in and grab a bite to eat, but if you're bordering Overland Park, don't be tempted to skip a local restaurant in Lenexa.

If you fancy a breakfast scramble or cheeseburger, the casual, no-frills atmosphere is perfect for good entertainment and good food. If you're looking for something more casual and rustic, Pegah's is the place to be.

If you don't like a part of the menu or you want to try something new, you can always add your own toppings. Grilling instructions: Season them with kosher salt and black pepper, and you know exactly what's in the food every time you eat.

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The Twin Peaks Restaurant can be used in conjunction with one of the other Twin Peaks restaurants in Olathe, Kansas. The property can also be booked for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions.

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