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If you live in Kansas City or have just been there, you know the nightlife of the city, but what about going out for a night in the heart of Kansas City? If you and a friend are looking for the best restaurants in Shawnee or Mission, KS, I suggest you add five minutes to your ride.

This is a fantastic block in the heart of Westport and has a solid bar to start your pre-drink. If you want to mingle with the gay community in the Kansas City area but are not in this market for a wild night out, you can book a room at one of these great hotels, such as this one in downtown Kansas City. The same distance to Westports you can drive to the best bars, restaurants and bars in Shawnee and Mission, KS, as well as a few other great places.

If you fancy classic Kansas City jazz, make sure you visit the Green Lady Lounge at 1809 Grand Blvd. The courtyard is one of the largest courtyards in the city and a good place to watch some Westport people, which is an experience in itself. Certified revellers will appreciate the live music, good food and great drinks at this great bar.

From live music to great food and drinks at the Green Lady Lounge at 1809 Grand, you'll love every minute.

Kansas City has so many food options that you'd be foolish to eat at Saucer, but if you do, just a slice of pizza. We know we have a lot of restaurants in Johnson County, KS, and that's why we're so excited to see Westport Ale House. Of course we hope you will see them soon and hope to learn more about them in the near future. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites where you can find all the latest news and updates on the activities of the nightlife.

We want to bring the word in town to our local beer nerds as well, so consider yourself a member of the Olathe, Kansas Nightlife Facebook group and the O'Reilly Brewing Company Facebook page.

First of all, only specialty stores can sell liqueurs in Kansas, and since there are so many, we play some of our favorites, and if you're near one of them, you'll strike. Some of the best Kansas City barbecue restaurants are gas stations, some serve good pub fare and some grill classics, but most of the time you can make a good find. If you're from Kansas, some well-known brands are unavailable, such as Firestone Walker and Bell's founder. The best liquor store in KC is either a gas station or grocery store, just as the good Kansas City Barbecue Restaurant is a gas station.

For the suburbs out there, Grinder's has also opened a location just outside, and if you can't always drive all the way to the city center, they have a great old hotel close to Stonewall. Boulevard beers, you have a good selection of local craft beers as well as some of the best craft cocktails in Kansas City.

If you are in Shawnee or Mission, Free State is a fantastic place and a must if you are in the Midtown / Westport area. This part of the city has many great bars and restaurants, and it is a great place to behave on a Saturday or Sunday after a long day of work or school.

Westport has two breweries, and there are a few other breweries in other parts of the city. The area is home to a wide variety of craft beers and breweries, from local breweries to craft breweries in Kansas City.

Best Nightlife recommends the Jazz Brunch, which celebrates the city's legendary musical heritage with an extensive menu of grilled specialties, live music and live entertainment. Find a cosy cellar that once functioned as a Prohibition-era speakeasy, and listen to talented piano performances and more in the bustling city center.

Lawrence has a range of unique beers on offer that are not available elsewhere, from packaged beers to beers sold in liquor stores and on tap. Barley's has mediocre (by no means bad) food, but it has a wide selection of craft beers as well as some of the best food in Kansas City.

This is a very compact area that makes it easy to get from one brewery or beer bar to the next, and there are many great restaurants and bars in the area as well as a variety of bars and restaurants. Best Nightlife recommends: Longevity speaks volumes, we recommend Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club because it's the oldest continuously operating music club in Kansas City, MO. We recommend: Starting with a festive open air concert, it has been rocking the heart of Kansas City for over 30 years.

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