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For the third year in a row, DealerRater has named Olathe's Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram dealer of the year. The Kansas City Automotive Museum houses a stunning selection of classic cars and celebrates the history of America's most iconic cars, trucks, motorcycles and motorcycles from the early 20th century to the present day. The first half of this museum is dedicated to deaf culture, the second half to the history of the Kansas School for the Deaf.

The 113-hectare park houses a variety of other exhibits, including live amphibians, turtles and snakes, as well as a museum with an interactive exhibition on the history of Olathe Zoo.

On the other side of Olathe, Mill Creek Streamway Park has trails that lead to the Kansas River. The bike path is generally flat, flat and often beautiful, and follows the Indian Creek through various parks. Cedar Creek Falls are most impressive in spring after heavy rains, but water flows all year round. There are a variety of hiking trails as well as a number of picnic areas and picnic tables.

The falls are located on the west side of Olathe, about half a mile from downtown and about an hour north of the Kansas River.

The Old Settlers, which included the Olathe Indians and their descendants, as well as those who had long and successful lives in Kansas City, Kansas and other parts of Kansas.

Cedar Lake is a 75-acre lake surrounded by a 54-acre community and originally inaugurated in 1920. Cedar Lake has fish, and the Olathe Bass Pro Shop has one of the best perch fishing facilities in Kansas State and the largest perch pond in Kansas.

This beautiful city is known for a variety of shopping malls and entertainment venues, but it is the restaurants that will really attract you. If you're on the road to visit the Indian Creek Library or just want to enjoy a buffet lunch, come along if you're on the road and want a meal that will exceed your expectations. Whether you're looking for a seat, enjoying an award-winning restaurant or simply picking up a piece on the way home. , you can't go wrong with any of Olathe's best restaurants, KS.

Diners can also enjoy elegant décor and a full bar, and each dish is prepared with fresh, local ingredients. They are known for their variety of ramen dishes, but they also serve incredible rice bowls and classic starters.

You can also have a pantry in Johnson County and you can give free pantries to local nonprofits like the Kansas Food Pantry and the Missouri Food Bank of Kansas City.

Items in soup kitchens and pantries can help feed a family for a few days, but most food banks can also offer and coordinate payments for bills already paid, such as rent, utilities, food and other necessities. These can range from food stamps to other items such as clothing and personal hygiene items. They range from staples such as bread, milk, eggs, cheese, bread and milk to more advanced items such as clothing, toiletries and more.

Case managers can also help Johnson County households apply for SNAP, food stamps and WIC vouchers, as well as pay for baby food. There are also pantries and food banks in other parts of the state, such as Kansas City, Kansas, but there is much more to be offered, as wellness centers, health centers and other facilities can offer this and more.

They also help with the Summer Food Service Program, a nonprofit organization that provides summer meals, breakfasts and lunches for students and families who are not in school. They also deliver food on wheels to sick seniors and give detergent, cooking classes and other aids. For seniors, employees pass baby food on to single mothers, help low-income people get food, and help them apply for SNAP and WIC vouchers.

If you love wine as much as I do, don't forget to check out the daily offers, especially on Wednesdays, and don't be afraid to try something new. When I visited them, I tried the Peke and ordered one of their sushi boats before I went here.

If you don't like this section of the menu, you can add your own toppings if you want to try something new. If you want to grab something to take away - get out for a Netflix marathon - check out the following places. When visiting Kansas City, take a detour from the top attractions to discover some of the hidden attractions in Olathe. Let me know your favorites by listing them in the comments below or on your favorite blog or Facebook page.

Olathe Veterans Memorial Park is a beautiful four-acre park dedicated to the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces. The Indian Creek hiking and biking trail is nearly 17 miles long and you can visit the grave of Olatte's founder at the site of his funeral, just blocks from the park. Meet the people who rest here and tell their stories from the Civil War, including bloody Kansas and the Civil War, as they come alive.

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More About Olathe